Efficiency and sustainability

SORTON represents the solution for the environmental industry and organizations that need to revalue, classify or recycle any type of material or waste. Sorton wants to contribute to improve our environment in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

360 Recycling Concept

SORTON not only works from the business point of view, but also optimizes all the resources that new communication and information technologies put within our reach. We expand the concepts of conceptualized industrialization from an environmental point of view with the 360 Recycling Concept.


SORTON offers solutions for the design of industrial facilities dedicated to the selection of waste or other materials. With a long journey on different sectors, such as; mineral facilities, bulky or water treatment facilities, glass, plastic or container recovery facilities, and paper and cardboard selection facilities.


We combine talent and technical capacity. Our extensive experience in research, development and innovation allows us to provide increasingly complex solutions to offer the greatest revaluations.


Technological development and technical specialization are strategic factors in the value contribution of SORTON. For this reason we have the professional and material resources necessary to respond to any constructive challenge.


The R&D&i studies department and our specialized partners integrate multidisciplinary engineers and professionals who are responsible for the study, resolution and profitability. SORTON treasures the largest specialized TRADE HUB in the sector, guaranteeing the achievement of all the challenges of our clients.


The SORTON solution takes hold in the Zero Waste movement of the European Union (Zero Waste). This increasingly widespread movement encompasses all business actions to reach a circular and much more sustainable economy. SORTON not only participates in this “economy of the future” but also allows companies to participate in this movement through profitable options for them. The economic benefits of SORTON solutions for its customers are, among others:

 Landfill Savings

Landfills have a cost of 51 €/ t on average, which can grow to 75 €/t or more in most countries of Central and Northern Europe.

 Price increase

The prices of recyclable materials are increasing. For example, metals, depending on the type, are between 70 €/t and 200 €/t, or plastic that is between 20 €/t and 70 €/t.

 New applications

The light fraction of the waste, which before was disposable, has found a new application: the RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel).

 Close loop

Since recycling is a closed loop, no additional waste is created. This also contributes to landfill savings.

These solutions, are less harmful to the environment, have different environmental benefits. Among them: 


 Raw materials savings

For every ton of recycled glass, two of more tons of natural resources are saved.

 Reduction of the energy demand

Every 10% of recycled material in a factory saves more than 2% of the energy it uses.

 CO2 emission reduction

And, therefore, of the greenhouse effect: for every 6 tons of recycled material, about 1 ton less of CO2 is emited.

 Less airborne particles

Reducción of emissions of airborne particles, including nitrogen oxide and sulfate oxides.

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For any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.




For any question do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.



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